About Stop the Bleed Coalition

The mission of the Stop the Bleed Coalition is to support the STOP THE BLEED® campaign by providing resources that enable collaboration and cooperation between the many people and organizations working to train and equip the nation to reduce the loss of life due to traumatic bleeding. The Coalition community consists of both individuals and public and private organizations vested in the success of the STOP THE BLEED® campaign.


No one expects to encounter a bleeding emergency, but in case you do, will you be prepared?

The bleeding control products offered through this online store were developed and approved by the American College of Surgeons (ACS), the ACS Committee on Trauma, and the Hartford Consensus, along with the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and other recognized emergency response organizations. These STOP THE BLEED® Kits will provide you with the tools and information you need to act quickly to stop bleeding and save a life. The tourniquets and hemostatic dressings in these kits are the primary products and same technology the Department of Defense has tested and approved for use by all U.S. military forces.

These STOP THE BLEED® Kits are affordably priced, enabling you to have one everywhere you would keep a standard first aid kit. Place one in your kitchen, garage, bathroom, laundry room, and in your car. Give kits as gifts so all the people you care about have this life-saving resource too.

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Make sure you are prepared for a bleeding emergency!